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This project exists because my vision of the future Florida is one of genuine optimism.


Learning from examples provided by history and combining those lessons with modern technologies, across a myriad of disciplines, is the formula for a 21st century Florida that adapts to the challenges of sea level rise and climate change.


I strongly support the excellent work and goals of experts and activists who have dedicated their careers to crafting a sustainable region, including those who labor each day with a passion for providing responsible solutions at the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact, our local universities, the private sector and the CLEO Institute


Together, we can achieve constructive and responsible adaptation which protects the health, safety and welfare of our residents and also enhances the economic viability of this State in these unprecedented times.

The Raising Fields Project Mission Statement

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About The Raising Fields Editor



Mitchell A. Chester, Esq. is an attorney licensed in the State of Florida. He is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates and is rated by Martindale-Hubbell as "AV." In practice for 37 years, he is focused on identifying and seeking solutions to emerging legal and financial issues created by sea level rise (SLR) and climate impacts.


This work includes examining current zoning, planning and land-use laws of local communities to determine what modifications, if any, need to be made to address sea level rise, flooding, and coastal storm impacts. Additional focus areas include how governments and financial institutions can work with homeowners and businesses to meet the monetary challenges of sea level rise, and SLR challenges to agriculture.


Mitchell is the editor of various websites focused on sea level rise, including, which concentrates on the impact of rising seas and the American legal system and, which identifies sea level and climate events affecting South Florida.


Mr. Chester broadcasts “Rising Seas Radio” on SeaLevelRiseRadio. com, and iTunes. In January, 2015, he was asked to comment on sea level rise and urban waterfronts on the Global Roundtable posted on The Nature of Cities.


His latest web effort is, which explores potential personal financial tools to adapt to rising seas. 


The purpose of these sites is to explore the public policy implications of preparation for sea level rise adaptation and retreat programs and the development of practical solutions with workable strategies for individuals, businesses, governments and communities threatened by climate disruptions.


He also edits this site,, which is devoted to sustaining agriculture in Southeastern Florida for the remainder of this century.


Mitchell has been personally involved in various hurricane relief and severe weather recovery efforts in South Florida. He has spoken at sea level rise conferences and presentations and was recently inducted into the CLEO Institute Leadership Circle. His comments and analysis of sea level rise issues have appeared in print, electronic and broadcast media.


Mr. Chester offers this site as a public service to contribute to the effort to develop constructive adaptation solutions in response to sea level rise.



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