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Agricultural properties, livestock grazing areas and farm lands in Southeastern Florida are in danger from Sea Level Rise.


Architects, engineers, farmers, health officials, governmental planners and growers have a unique opportunity to work together to address this reality, so that the productive life of vulnerable lands is extended well into the 21st Century.


Lessons on adapting to water levels can be learned from the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations and the Dutch in present day. They created farm lands on human made mounds. 


Raising farm and grazing lands to extend the life of rural growing areas is not hard.


We have the technology, and the imperative, to do it. Now is the time to create a prototype to address the coming agricultural need for dry, and salt water free, growing fields.

We can learn a great deal from what is happening in the Dominican Republic.


See, as one lake grows due to climate change, how valuable farm and growing properties are rendered useless.


Explore how this rural island has tried to cope with a reality that, by mid-century, may be ours unless we take proactive action now.

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