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Every Florida Acre Is Precious

Florida land broker Ben Crosby, writing in AG Professional on December 8, 2014, asked, "Florida: Where did all the farmland go?"

According to Croby, "There isn't enough farmland on the [Florida] market to satisfy the demand." Citing increased land prices in the Midwest and long-lasting water deprivation in Texas and California, he argues farmers want "to relocate" in Florida.

Meanwhile, The World Bank, on December 4, 2014, urged investments in soil. Ademola Braimoh, writing for the Bank, notes: "...over 4 billion hectares of man-made deserts" have been produced across the globe due to "compromised soil health" and other factors. Land degradation and soil erosion are other factors threatening farming productivity.

Braimoh advocates "Climate-Smart Agriculture" to enhance resilience. As the world looks to new technologies, the message he sends indirectly to Florida is clear. Make the most of the land you have, and do what you can to preserve as much soil resources as possible.

Our take: As the rest of the nation increasingly realizes the need for sustainable growing fields in the Sunshine State, now is the time to fortify the future of Florida agriculture with innovative tools such as raised fields. Every acre of Florida soil counts. With sea level rise, each acre of elevated landscapes will count longer.

You can see the entire post here. The World Bank article is here.

"The Story of Florida Agriculture" video is courtesy of the University of Florida IFAS/YouTube.

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